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Group Consulting & One-on-One Expert Advice

Stop Floundering – We Can Help!

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You are overwhelmed with all of the digital marketing information and unclear what is most beneficial for your business.
  • You need help to actually organize a plan and automated process that works for your business.
  • You do a good job for a while, but then get busy and stop, restart, then stop.
  • You trusted someone to help, and then that relationship changed and you lost access to your accounts and need help regaining control.
  • You have been told you need to blog, create videos, podcast, or participate in social media, but you are unsure how to get started.
  • You have done good at consistency, but your results have wavered or are completely off the mark.
  • You have a list of questions and have never pulled the trigger to get a trusted professional to help you.

Sometimes, the thing in the way of you achieving success is simply you or your perception of your situation.  That is where we can help you by stepping outside of your own mind or business to give you a fresh outlook.  We can guide you, step-by-step through implementing a solution that actually creates progress, develops processes, and creates solutions for your business to grow.  It is up to you to take the first step.

Group Consulting

gold fish w food bubbles - GSG Fish Food Podcast Logo

Fish Food Podcast

The Fish Food Podcast is designed to help you navigate conversations from a different perspective.  Whether you are planning your marketing strategies or managing people in your business, this Podcast will help raise your awareness and steer clear of the hooks that can snag our conversations.

Gold Fish with Graduation Cap - GSG Marketing Schoal

Marketing Schoal

Participate in a single lesson or a whole series of small lessons designed to improve your skills or better manage Marketing for your business.  Each course is a complete resource on how to complete a specific task along with bite-sized steps that make it easy for you to implement in your business.


The Pod Network

The Pod Network brings together the best concepts of “Networking”, actively “Working On Your Business”, and having an “Advisory Board” to help you guide the direction of your growth.  This two-hour meeting of Pods of Eight, non-competing business owners meets virtually for group development & support.


One-on-One Expert Advice

Email Coach

An Email Coach provides you with on-demand, expert advice on your digital marketing or communication language on an as-needed basis.  You can try it for Hook Free for 30-days.  If you choose to continue, your monthly subscription is automatically billed every 30-days. You can cancel at any time, just email a request.

30-Day Free Trial
then $50/Month


1-Hour Zoom

Reserve one-hour of time to meet one-on-one, face-to-face with our Founder and Digital Communication Strategist, Julia Eudy.  You set the tone for the call to get exactly what you need to keep your business moving forward.  Get answers to your prepared questions, guidance on improving your results or efficiency.

Virtual Session



Conversations related to Operational Structure, Strategy, Linguistic Conversation Development, SEO, Strategizing Product Roll-out, or Team Training can require more time to not only evaluate your situation but fully develop a sound strategy for you and your internal team to apply to your business and launch into action.

Virtual or In-Person
$900 / 4 Hours



Conversations related to Operational Structure, Strategy, Linguistic Conversation Development, SEO, Navigating Security Issues, or Procedural Training can require more time to not only evaluate your situation but fully develop a sound strategy for you and your internal team to apply to your business and launch into action.

Virtual or In-Person
$1,800 / 8 Hours


Data Transfer Disclaimer:  Electing to proceed with booking a One-on-One Session, you will either be immediately directed directly to PayPal to complete your purchase, or directed to a form where you will identify information related to your goals for your session before being directed to PayPal.


“Our website and customer contact was a very important part of our marketing focus and Golden Services Group was extremely valuable in helping us refine our communication strategy. They coordinated online registration and marketing communications for events and developed consistency with our internal and external promotional messages.  They also managed our website development and helped us implement social media strategies that generated a measurable increase in engagement. Working with them has been a smart investment for us!”

T. Campbell

“We absolutely love our new website!  Golden Services Group continues to help us utilize the features of our new web presence as well as improve communications and engagement with our members and their families.  We highly recommend them to anyone needing help with online communications.”

Linda Sanchez, Boys & Girls Club of St. Charles County

“We went from informational websites to inspirational websites filled with resources to serve and support my clients all because of the talent, skill, and vision of Golden Services Group. Their vision and project management skills took my sites to another level our business to attract & close more clients. Branding, marketing and practical application of necessary information in an appealing presentation are what I can say! They are Purely Golden!”

J. Johnson, Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management

“For over 30 years I have managed marketing and communications professionals nationwide, and I can validate that Julia and her team are very talented at branding an internet marketing strategy.  I worked closely with Julia while I served as a volunteer Member of the Board of Directors of the UMMAF and found her highly creative, not only with communications, but with layout and design.  She has fresh ideas and delivers both on concept and presentation. Her general knowledge of multimedia marketing is exceptional. She skillfully creates a process that delivers results. I would recommend them to anyone seeking help with developing their brand.”

Frank Babcock, Retired President of UMMAF

“Julia Eudy is one of the most knowledgeable and generous training consultants I have ever worked with! In addition to helping me to get up and running on social networking, learning how to submit articles for paying publications, and discovering new ways to advertise my upcoming programs, she was extremely patient and gave more value than I expected every single time we worked together! She is a masterful communicator and takes time to provide a detailed set of next steps so that I not only learn new information but grow in the ability to apply what I learn to get new results!”

J. Ryan

“Blown away!  My business has almost doubled in approximately 30 days since meeting with Julia and implementing a strategy that makes sense for growing my business!”

M. Harris, She Got It Like That Resale

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