Domain Names and SSL Certificates Explained

What is a Website Domain Name?

A Domain Name is an address for your website on the internet landscape.  Like your house, your website needs some structural support to exist.  For example; it requires land/location which for a website is your Hosting Space.  To keep you and your belongings secure, access to your home is protected by a lock and key.  For your website, the lock and key is the SSL Certificate which is now required by Search Engines to help keep the internet more secure for everyone.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a layer of encryption that is added between your website server files and how they deliver to your visitor on their web browser.  When properly installed, this certificate will generate the little “LOCK” next to the page address in your browser window to indicate that the page has taken extra measures to provide browsing security.  If the “Lock” is missing or displays an exclamation mark or question mark, you should be cautious.  It may mean the SSL Certificate has expired and no longer protecting the site, or that it was improperly installed.  In either case, your web browser is telling you that something may be unsafe.

It is also important to note that there are different types of SSL Certificates that offer varying levels of verification and protection for the end-user.

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