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1-29-2021:  Attention Current Security Maintenance Clients

Effective Immediately – Due to the increase in hack attempts made upon small businesses within the past year, we are no longer able to include simple updates you may have in your Security Maintenance Labor.  This time has been continually exhausted by either the number of updates or the support we must do with plugin providers to ensure a smooth update or the added measures we are doing to protect your data and review the shared server environment for inappropriate activity.  That said, any maintenance request you provide through this form or direct email to our Help Desk will be timed and labor used to complete the task will be billed to you at the hourly rate in your agreement.  We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. –  GSG Help Desk Team

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How It Works

Simply use the form below to submit a request and it will be delivered to our Help Desk Support Team.  If not already a current GSG Help Desk client, an Account Manager will review your request and call you to first get you set-up in our process to make sure our team has what they need to best serve you.  From there, as you have a need, simply use this form to submit your request and it will be properly assigned to your personal Maintenance Team who will get to know you, your website goals, and can help you fix, repair, or set-up features on your website in a cost-efficient way.  In fact, you’ll get a quote for your service before we begin so there is never a surprise bill!

So How Does It Cost?

Our Standard Technical Labor Rate is $75/hour.  If that seems high to you, realize that we are very efficient in what we do and can often get things done quicker and more accurately than what you may invest in researching the solution online or doing it yourself.  We are also transparent with our costs and look for ways to help you be more efficient – even if that’s training you how to do it!

The GSG Help Desk accepts inquiries 24-7-365. For all inquiries, please allow 24-hours for the GSG team to respond to your request once it has been submitted. Additional time may be required over holidays or weekends when operating with less Support Staff on hand.

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