GSG Marketing Schoal - Little Gold Fish with a bigger gold fish and a graduation cap

Marketing Schoal Mastermind

Collaborate.   Get out of your own head and bounce ideas off of others.

Learn.   How to Better Communicate with your Target Audience.

Refine.   Discover the data that can help you improve your results.

With over 30 years of experience in marketing and communications, and adapting traditional messages to digital conversations, we know how all of the hooks work.  Better yet – we know how to unhook you from what can snare you.

Participation Starts at  $175/Month


  • 2 hr. Monthly Recorded Zoom Call
  • Email Support
  • Direct Access to Trustworthy Training
  • Led by a Digital Consultant
  • Small Groups (10 or less)
  • Beginner & Intermediate Groups
  • Graduate groups as you advance
  • Perfect for DIY or Self-Starters

See If You Qualify

Because the groups are small we are very particular on who can participate so that those included in the group can have the best experience possible.  We do screen applicants to avoid competitors being placed in the same group and to better align skill-sets in the same group.  Submit your information in the form below and a Team Coordinator will be in touch with you for a quick conversation to determine the best place for you to start.