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How to Develop Strategic Ads that Convert

Top placement within search results, these days, comes with a price tag that many businesses should stop paying – especially until they do a better job of creating an ad.  The sad part is, many businesses end up overpaying for advertising because they are satisfied by playing “musical chairs” with their competition in the search result.  If you are tired of playing games with your advertising budget and you are ready for a more strategic approach, then this workshop is for you.  So how do you take those impressions and convert them to sales?  This session discusses the key elements that go into a well-designed Ad and gives you specific steps to follow to consistently improve your engagement and conversion rates setting you up for more consistent sales.

Virtual Workshop:  Zoom (Recorded)  |  COST:  $95

Workshop Date:  Friday, November 5th – 2021
Workshop Time:  9:00 am CST


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