Our Why

Technology has changed how we communicate and created costly measures that companies have to pursue in order to reach their target customer. It is our commitment to improving a brand’s ability to communicate more effectively in the digital world by refining their focus, their message, and their methods of communication to align with the story the data about their market reveals.  The results are more efficient at achieving greater value and more desirable results from their relationships resulting in greater joy in what they do to earn a living.

Our Story

Golden Services Group, LLC is the result of a passion to help the small businesses community grow and prosper.  In 2002, after being downsized in the corporate world for the last time, Julia Eudy, felt a calling to take her corporate skills in marketing and communications and started her own consulting company with the vision of helping small businesses better utilize digital tools to grow their business.  With support from her husband, they joined his experience in finance and graphic design and her experience in communications and marketing, and launched Golden Services Group as an alternative income for their growing family.  Julia spearheaded the  development of automation of their business processes and client communications making the administration of their venture both time and cost-efficient for a small team to manage.  Deron now oversees most of the daily activities, leading the support team and operational tasks working with Julia, as needed, on marketing strategy and controls.  In addition to seeking ways to applying emerging standards to their systems, Julia works on a consulting basis with varied tech partners, as well as seeks to expand their brands in vertical markets.

Golden Services Group, LLC  primarily provides digital marketing, communications and business automation consulting.  Other brands include GSG WebSupport, which specifically provides the technical side of web support (including web development, marketing system development, digital marketing activities, web hosting & domain services, technical support, and data privacy management) to smaller businesses; and The Conversation Consultant specifically focuses on the communications segment of digital marketing and understanding the decision process of your audience through analytic tools.

They primarily work virtually but call a shared office in St. Louis county their home base.  While they started serving businesses primarily in their local area, the internet landscape allowed them to reach farther.  Soon their reputation of being highly customer-centric was spread by word-of-mouth, allowing them the privilege to work with franchise owners of well-known brands like McDonald’s, Hampton Inn, and the Fairfield Inn – both brands owned by Marriott International.  Today, they continue to serve the B2B and B2C markets.  Their typical clients include restaurants, service providers, start-up companies, small businesses, business consultants, Christian organizations and churches, non-profit organizations, and growing brands in neighborhoods across the U.S.A.

Our Fascination with Fish

Most people associate the “Gold Fish” as a play on the name “Golden”, and while it brings fun character to their company, the Goldfish actually symbolizes beauty, harmony, prosperity, good luck, and fortune, which are things they seek to share with their clients. but it also represents “little fishes” and an expression of their Christian faith. 

It was one of their children that educated their family about the conservation efforts needed in to provide a future for various species in the world.  Often referring to the internet as the “digital ocean” the character of the Gold Fish inspired them to take action to contribute to the clean-up efforts of our oceans.

Each month, Golden Services Group donates a portion of its earnings to organizations that are actively making a change in restoring beauty and harmony in our world.  In addition, they utilize their digital footprint to help spread the word and hope to inspire others to do the same so that the earth can heal and be a better place for generations to come.

Deron Eudy
Production Manager / Tech Support

Julia Eudy - Communication Specialist

Julia Eudy
Digital Strategist

Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards
Developer / Tech Support

Maddy Eudy

Maddy Eudy
Marketing Coordinator

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Technical Support for Websites & Your Digital Marketing System

While clients of Golden Services Group, automatically receive the benefits of technical support, we saw a need where other web developers or agencies needed a trusted resource for the technical aspects of digital marketing.  Launched in 2021, Golden Services Group, LLC opened a new division called www.GSGWebSupport.com specifically focused on providing an all USA-based support team that is skilled in the more advanced areas of web hosting and development, website maintenance, optimization, and third-party connectivity.  While we know there are many skilled technical providers from all corners of the globe, we took the stand that we more clearly understand the increasing legal obligations related to doing business in the U.S.A. and seek to help American business owners adhere to privacy standards related to both State and Federal mandates.  This allowed for small agencies, or individual developers without technical skills or knowledge of proper due diligence, the access they need for an affordable rate.

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