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Get a Fresh Perspective for Growing Your Business Solutions for Service Providers

Your Success is Our Motivation

We have been working with many different service providers in the St. Louis area and beyond for over 20 years, and are proud of our ability to contribute to the growth of their business and our community.

What’s in it for you?

A Higher Perspective

We have helped our clients rise above the day-to-day routine and step back to see a bigger picture, to identify and impliment healthier ways to manage and grow their business.

Practical Advice

We provide our clients with a non-bias, third-party perspective, based on the facts we collect in our evaluation of your business.  This information then drives us to prioritize moving forward.

A Solid Foundation

We help our clients establish policies, processes and systems that provide a solid foundation for the growth and succession of your business.

Solutions We Offer

Strategic Planning

We help you see your business from an external perspective helping you identify potential risks, and create obtainable plans with measurable actions and accountability to achieve your goals.


We help clients keep track of their day-to-day financial picture so they can do what they do best.  We provide you with trustworthy data and reports to make better decisions and be ready for tax prep.

Custom Portals

Impress your customers and save money coordinating your virtual team with a Custom Company Portal that uses Progressive Web App technology to allow you to create mobile app access.

Web Development

Today’s website is a key component of your business.  From marketing, to collecting leads and taking orders, this information needs to work together and we help you make those connections seamless.

Marketing Strategy

From getting started, to evaluating how to get better results, we work with our clients to analyze the data collected by your website and marketing tools to determine the refinement needed to improve results.

Business Coaching

We work with our clients to help them grow professionally through training them to be better managers.  Doing so, helps them achieve their goals, develop accountability and support using systems that improve  efficiencies.

Ask Us About Business Automation

  • Custom CRM
  • Deal Stages
  • Scheduling
  • Dynamic Documents & eSignatures
  • Email Marketing
  • Drip Campaigns
  • File Exchanges
  • Digital Proposals
  • Online Payments & Subscriptions
  • Project & Task Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Onboarding & Flows for Clients & Employees
Custom Client Portal Sample

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“The Golden Team is awesome!  They developed the website for our non-profit and provide ongoing support.  Every nuance and need have a solution and they will always propose a solution better than one that I expected.  Julia is an awesome strategist and teacher and each time we talk, I learn something new so I can be better at managing our website.”

D. Harding

“The Golden Team are my website experts, and I love working with them.  Their expertise in web development and digital marketing is unmatchable.  Their dedication to helping small business owners is greatly appreciated by those of us who need guidance.  There are so many changes that occur online, and it’s hard to keep things straight, but I can rely on Golden Services Group to help me keep current.  They always make sure I’m adjusting my business strategy to changes that impact my workflow.  In many cases, they have been so supportive I know you will love working with them as much as I do!”

T. McDonald

“Blown away!  My business has almost doubled in approximately 30 days since my strategy meeting with Julia and implementing a strategy that makes sense for growing my business!”

M. Harris

“For over 30 years I have managed marketing and communications professionals nationwide, and I can validate that Julia and the Golden team are very talented at branding an internet marketing strategy.  I worked closely with Julia while I served as a volunteer Member of the Board of Directors of the UMMAF and found her highly creative, not only with communications, but with layout and design.  She has fresh ideas and delivers both on concept and presentation. Her general knowledge of multimedia marketing is exceptional. She skillfully creates a process that delivers results. I would recommend them to anyone seeking help with developing their brand.”

F. Babcock

“We went from informational websites to inspirational websites filled with resources to serve and support my clients all because of the talent, skill, and vision of Golden Services Group. Their vision and project management skills took my sites to another level our business to attract & close more clients. Branding, marketing and practical application of necessary information in an appealing presentation are what I can say! They are Purely Golden!”

J. Johnson

“Our website and customer contact was a very important part of our marketing focus and Golden Services Group was extremely valuable in helping us refine our communication strategy. They coordinated online registration and marketing communications for events and developed consistency with our internal and external promotional messages.  They also managed our website development and helped us implement social media strategies that generated a measurable increase in engagement. Working with them has been a smart investment for us!”

T. Campbell

“Julia Eudy is one of the most knowledgeable and generous training consultants I have ever worked with! In addition to helping me to get up and running on social networking, learning how to submit articles for paying publications, and discovering new ways to advertise my upcoming programs, she was extremely patient and gave more value than I expected every single time we worked together! She is a masterful communicator and takes time to provide a detailed set of next steps so that I not only learn new information but grow in the ability to apply what I learn to get new results!”

J. Ryan

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

(Luke 6:31)

Faithfully Aligned to Serve Your Business.

With over 22 years’ experience helping small businesses grow, we have been witness to the power and progress a company can have when working with a company with the experience to partner with them for their greater good.  Our strategies remove chaos and clutter, and implement systems and solutions that nurture and grow your company in a way that is both healthy and affordable.  We take pride in working as an advocate for your business, and abide by a strict code of integrity and honesty.  We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you.

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