November 2021

Friday, November 5th
9:00 am CST

How to Develop Customer Relationships that Seek Your Value

Relationships are the backbone of your business.  Therefore, it is important to place priority to how you are managing your relationships and fostering opportunity for referrals and repeat business.  In this Virtual Workshop we will share some examples where your business can clarify your values and give you some ideas of how you can improve those relationships with strategies that give a return on your investment.

Virtual Workshop:  Zoom (Recorded)  |  COST:  Free

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Friday, November 12th
9:00 am CST

What To Do Before Running Your Digital Ad to Get Better Results

Too often we encounter businesses who get excited about “getting out there” and jump into paying for ad placement in either Google AdWords or Social Media advertising options, without giving much thought beyond creating an offer.  But what happens after that?  Do you know how to tell how well your ad performed?  Do you know that sometimes, the digital results that those ad platforms show are wrong?  In this Virtual Workshop, we will discuss specific things you should consider before investing your money in advertising and give you some specific tips to follow to qualify the actual leads generated.

Virtual Workshop:  Zoom (Recorded)  |  COST:  $95/person

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December 2021

Friday, December 3rd
9:00 am CST

Key Metrics to Track to Monitor Web Performance

The difference between a functional website and an online brochure is one that truly guides you on how to improve your visitor interaction.  Using Google Analytics, which is a free tool for all website owners, we will show you some simple, key metrics that can help you better understand the way your website is used and show you how to interpret where some adjustments may need to be made to help your business grow.

Virtual Workshop:  Zoom (Recorded)  |  COST:  $79/person

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