A Website and Growth Solution For Your Business

A Complete System to Attract, Serve, Convert, and Grow Customers

Sure, being easily adaptive to mobile technology and user-friendly are all important, but to be honest – we know what you really want is more customers so you can grow your company.  To actually do that well,  you are going to need more than just a website, but it is the foundation of all that can become a “system” that helps you capture leads and convert sales.  Helping you develop that foundation and implement the digital system to keep you moving forward is our specialty!  

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What To Expect From Our Team On Your Small Business Web Design Project

The first step begins with Identifying Goals.  Clients meet with our Business Consultant to learn more about you, your company, your offering, and the processes you have in place.  This important step begins the priority process and helps us identify order and process to create the fastest path to earning income.

The Business Consultant then breaks down those goals into workable, processes and manageable tasks that support your growth as you grow.  Their expertise in digital tools means they can help you automize activities were able to help you maximize time and save money.  

The Creation phase takes what we have learned thus far, and adds to it the visual aspects that bring your story to life.  Because your website takes center stage in your digital efforts, we often start there; but it also includes other stages of your customer interaction or buyer journey.

With your blessing to move forward with the Strategy outlined, progress can begin. Depending on your business and the particular audience you want to reach, we will use a variety of tools to communicate, re-touch, and attract the right people to your business.

With every step we create, there is a tracking method that collects data on your customer’s behavior is put in place to help you identify their thoughts and behaviors as they interact with your offering.  This data is reported to you so that you can quickly implement any necessary adjustments throughout your whole company if necessary.

The goal is for your website to be an active participant in your business – like that perfect employee, working 24/7/365 to help you meet, greet and grow your company to deliver you new interested leads or to capture new sales.

There are typically two types of maintenance that we manage.

The first is Content and Management Maintenance. As you outgrow your pond or basic functionality needs, it may be time to make some changes to move to the next level.  Our Business Consultant and Technology Team are ready to help you navigate and upgrade as needed, to continue to succeed.

The second is Security Maintenance which should happen on an ongoing basis to keep your web hosting, email, and customer data files secure.  As you grow the risk for encountering trouble can increase, but we take the approach of stopping any kind of trouble with a solid plan for recovery.  This process also keeps you current with technology changes and compliant with the growing requirements related to Data Privacy Laws and how they impact your business.

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Small Business Web Design Integrity Promise

Our Integrity Promise to You

We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated, so everything we do is to provide you with the best value for your business, in the most honest, effective way that we know-how, based on our expertise in this field.  Sure, we hope to add you to our family of clients, but we firmly believe that when we place our focus on your success, your satisfaction and trust to refer us to others will be the happy coincidence of doing what we love to do creating a ripple-effect in growing our pond of clients.

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